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Binary - Why Not?

The Mystery of Binary

In my hometown there are thousands of MLM practitioners who have been mystified by a compensation plan using the system of binary. In the last 5 years there were more than 5 MLM companies employing a compensation plan with the system of binary invaded my hometown. Some MLM practitioners love and make it big with this system while many others condemn the system and tend to be phobic towards it. Why do some MLM practitioners love the binary system while others hate it? The controversy itself has indicated an answer to this question that it has some positive values and some negative features. Those who love the system are the players who can exploit it and succeed with their exploitation. While those who hate the system are the players who expect magical powers out the system but do nothing to get them.

The Positive Values of Binary

The system of binary used in MLM compensation plan offers the positive values to the MLM members in the forms of :

Faster growth of downline organization;

Instilling sense of care and responsibility among members belonging to the same line of sponsorship;

Giving MLM members faster sign of achievement and success.

The Negative Features of Binary

It is almost like the law of nature that in an MLM which employs the binary system, most members will never have or find it hard to have an equal or close to equal number of members in both legs of his downline organizations, which is an ideal condition required to have a great success in a binary system.

Many members puts too much expectation of getting spillover from their uplines.

Many MLM companies using the binary system do not offer quality products and fail to induce repeat buying. This causes the members, who initially enjoyed the big bonuses as their compensation for growing the network, to quickly lose it when the network grows bigger but the number of transaction for repeat order is zero. The members who do not understand how the system works will finally blame the innocent binary. This is what happened with the MLM companies invading my hometown in the last 5 years.

Be Creative With Binary

Considering the positive values of binary system, one who is interested in establishing an MLM company using a compensation plan with a binary system should be innovative in using the system. Take all the positive values of binary system and eliminate all the negative features. One of the most creative ways is by combining binary system with other system of compensation plan. Binary system offers a quick growth of network, but some MLM companies fail in taking the benefits of this growth and do nothing until it is too late to remedy the situation. The quickly built giant network of binary is not followed by productivity due to the nature of the system and the type of product sold. At last the members and the company have a huge network of people with no business activity at all. It is like having a huge hen which lays no eggs.

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