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Clone Golf Club

With name brand golf clubs costing a good part of your paycheck, clone golf clubs have gained favor with many weekend golfers that are looking for an edge. With new technology advancements, the clone golf club has been able to compete with the likes of Callaway, Nike, Taylor Made, and other top brand clubs. The clone golf club is the most popular way that golfers are improving their game.

What is a clone golf club? Take the Nike clone golf club. Many golf club manufacturers that are in the business of making clones will take a brand name club like Nike and reverse engineer the club. This means that the clone golf club is taken apart and analyzed by engineers to find the materials and any special geometry that are being used. Once a base line is established for the clone golf club, the clone golf club manufacturer will very carefully, judiciously avoiding claims made by competing patents, make a "knockoff" or "clone" golf club that is based on the same or similar technology as our Nike. The benefit to the golfer is lower cost for the clone golf club without sacrificing performance.

The looks of clone golf clubs are also improving. Take the Acer XP 905 set of clone golf club irons. They look as good as any brand name Callaway or Nike. A golfer will not feel like a second-rate player with a set of clone golf clubs in his or her bag. The best way to try these clone golf clubs is to demo a clone club at your local golf retailer.

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