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Forum/Newsgroup/Blog Marketing

Forum/Newsgroup/Blog are places that people share opinion on a specific topic. People will gather there if they find interest on the topic, they can participate in the discussion and share their opinion. The topic are in great variety, like politics, social issues, entertainment, leisure life, jobs, and many others.

In other words, Forum/Newsgroup/Blog brings people with similar interest together. If you find a Forum/Newsgroup/Blog that related to your products/services, you are close to your targeted customers. So how you can promote your product in Forum/Newsgroup/Blog?

#1 Make an Ad

This is the most direct way to attract your targeted customers. You can talk with the webmaster about the rate on posting a ad on their site. The rate is depends on the size and position of your ad. One thing you should notice that surfer are become "banner-blind", they are "trained" to skip those banner ad automatically. The banner ad are now become less attractive than before. You can look for different layout of the ad, like text link or tower-style ad.

#2 Raise a post to promote your product

In the discussion forum, you can share your opinion. So, you can just make an post and talk your products. But, it depends on the rule and the culture of the forum. If it is not allowed to do so, you should not take the risk. It is because webmaster always skimmed through the post to see if any regulation is broken. Moreover, this may break the culture and bring a bad image to your targeted audience. Before doing that, you'd better check with the regulation of the forum.

#3 Post promotional offer

A better way is to post some promotional offer on the forum, like discount coupon. People will treat this as a sharing rather than a hard sell advertisement. This is a more acceptable way.

#4 Share your opinion

A better way to make a promotion is to share your opinion. In every post you made, remember to leave a simple statement about yourself, your company or product and you can leave your web site also. This can raise other people's interest and will get into your website. In simple words, participate in the discussion.

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