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Email Marketing with Standard Email? Punch Yourself


Immediate responses 24-7, 365 days a year can become quite a hassle when they are done manually, but thanks to auto-responders, an instant response to a customer or someone browsing your website can take place without you even being awake. These programs can be used to send price lists, product updates, thank you letters, order confirmations, and more.

Don’t Rely Upon Standard Email Programs

At the beginning of your list’s life, you may believe that your own email program (i.e.,, ect.) will be sufficient to handle message sending. Things will eventually become complex and the management of what people need your newsletter and who wants notification of updates will get out of hand. If you do not have the right tools for the job then you will never see how effective a private list can be.

Just imagine the amount of time an auto-responder can free-up. I mentioned earlier that timing is everything. With a good auto-responder like or you can set the time for a message to be sent later at the key time for your marketing efforts. Also, your opt-ins can accept emails and propositions to join your mailing list automatically. An auto-responder is the tool a successful internet marketer cannot be without.

Some auto-responders are free and some are provided at a fee. Most web hosting services provide the use of an auto-responder along with their service. Most auto-responders now have the capability to insert the requester’s name in order to provide personalized responses. Some additional features include, but are not limited to: multiple message sends (this increases the exposure of your material to a future customer and has been proven to increase sales), and tracking (this is a must in order to have the information required to realize how effective your marketing efforts are to your business.)

Tip: Make sure that the auto-responder you choose to utilize can handle HTML and plain-text emails. HTML emails usually have a higher click-through rate.
Recommended Auto-responders:

I won’t mention pricing, since things change constantly, but and both offer a great price for auto-responders full of key features.

Promotions Through Group Forums

Virtual communities centered around a particular topic are called Newsgroups. The visitors to these communities can post messages and information relevant to the particular Newsgroup’s topic. Most visitors to these Newsgroups are either seeking advice and information or providing advice and information.

When taking an active role as a supplier of advice and information in a Newsgroup, be sure to make an honest attempt at building a credible reputation. By doing this, you can establish yourself as an expert in your field. In exchange for your efforts to provide valuable advice and information, you can direct people to your website or any affiliate product sales page as long as it is relevant.

A good place to begin searching for the appropriate Newsgroup is Google Groups. On their “groups” tab you can select appropriate keywords which will ultimately lead to your area of expertise. Remember to read the FAQ files, the charter, and the rules about posting and advertising with in each of your targeted Newsgroups. Read the types of messages being posted and this will lead to determining if the members of the Newsgroup are actually interested in making purchases. As long as you contribute to the Newsgroup and stay on topic while attempting to gain traffic to your website, your messages will be well received.

Note: People can bash you in forums. If you are going to actively participate in a forum, make sure you monitor its activity. You can also have friends and business partners monitor and contribute to postings as well. They can quickly eliminate any negative input by cornering an opponent. A great Internet Marketing Forum to visit is the Warrior Forum. Take the time to communicate with the experts and learn from their postings.

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