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If you want to use an intranet for your company's internal communication, there is no need to spend a few hundred dollars and hire a software company to get what you want. An impressive array of intranet software is available on the web. Just download it, and with the user manuals, which are also downloadable, you can build your own intranet. But before one does that one has to be clear about two things the nature of the business and desirable features in an intranet.

There is no dearth of software on the web, but you download only that which meets your requirements. Most free intranet software is available mainly for the web-based intranet. This software proves to be a useful source of information and learning. Those who are not expert in the field of information technology can also use it without any trouble.

There are several online directories where information about web sites providing free intranet software is contained. There are certain operating systems which are available for free on the Internet. If you are trying to connect a few dozen persons, say less than 100, then free intranet software can be downloaded, and even your PC can be used as a server.

But if the network is big, one might need customized servers and specific software to support various server applications and other functions. This may not be possible with the help of free intranet software. While selecting free intranet software, keep in mind that good intranet software, apart from bringing no additional cost, should be productive and efficient. It should be easy to operate, and maintenance should not be a problem.

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