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Do People Really Use Antivirus Software?

Do people really use Antivirus Software? After all, it is not that important right? Wrong. It is very important. In fact, by ignoring this whole issue you are setting the stage for a catastrophic event which you and your other computers will become statistics and you will probably lose some data or worse lose your hard drive.

But that is not that important to you is it? I mean, if you load this AV software (AV is short for AntiVirus) then your systems resources will shoot through the roof and your system will grind to a halt. Part of that could be true but is it worth the risk of not having it. Personally, I do not want to risk losing ANY data.

Okay. Let us do some comparisons. If you balance your checkbook, process your online bills, your kids write their papers on your computer then listen up. What happens if you get hit with a virus and you lose all that information because your hard drive could possibly need re-formatting or the data was over-written.

Can you recover your checkbook or online bills information? Will your son or daughters teacher understand when the paper cannot be printed? I do not think so.

In effect, you allowing a gun inside your computer. Would you let your kids play with a weapon? I hope not. Do not assume that your computer will know the right way to handle a malicious piece of code getting ready to execute. It will not happen.

Get a grip. Suck it up. And go buy the AV software.

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