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Types of Magazines

Magazines are great sources of up to date information and entertainment. There are four different types of magazines available. Magazines provide information on a variety of topics and subjects. They can be strictly for research or just for fun based on the type of magazine.

General interest or popular magazines are written for a wide audience. They can focus on one subject or cover many different subjects. Each magazine is usually tailored to a specific audience. They are easy to read and provide information the average person would like to know about. Articles and stories are written by staff or freelancers. There are usually many pictures and photographs. The main idea of these types of magazine is to entertain, sell products and promote viewpoints.

Scholarly magazines are academic focused. They provide in depth information on various subjects. The information in a scholarly magazine is presented in a serious, textbook-like manner. There are charts and graphs, but rarely pictures or photos. The articles are professionally written by experts. The main purpose of these magazines is to teach and provide help in research.

Sensational magazines often have a newspaper-like look to them. They are larger and thinner than other magazines. They thrive on creating a stir. They use flashy headlines and focus on amazing-type stories or stories about celebrities. Articles are written by staffers or freelancers. These magazines include many pictures, most often more pictures than stories. These are generally known as tabloids.

These four basic types of magazines cover what is on the market. Any magazine you read will fit into one of these categories. It helps to know in what category the magazine you are interested in fits. This will help you be bale to locate it easily in a large selection of magazines.

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