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Can You Really Build a List Without a Web Site?

First of all, the technical answer to this is, yes, you can build a list without a web site. You can just get an autoresponder, and advertise for people to email your autoresponder address and subscribe that way, which is terribly unprofessional. Or you can use a list building service, but then you are not really building a list for yourself – you are building a list for whomever owns the list builder, and they are letting you use the list.

So the real answer is that, no, you cannot really build a real list without a web site. You see, when I think of a list, I think of an asset. And if someone else owns my list, but just lets me use it, it is not really an asset to me.

My list is an asset to me. I know that when I mail an offer to my list, I make money. That is an asset. But I could not have built my list the way I have done it without a web site. So, yes, you need a web site to build a list, for all practical purposes.

In that regard, you need a web site, an autoresponder (I recommend, and you need to be able to upload the autoresponder web form to the web site.

Then you need a source of traffic to send to the web page so that you will have people that might opt in. I recommend article writing, just like this, for that. Write articles, include a link to your site, and submit the articles to the various online article directories.

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