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I Walk Alone

I walk this road alone, looking for me and searching for you.
I long to walk the path lighted by your eyes
Where I am forever led on by your voice.

I know nothing of you, yet I know you are everything,
And so I love you.
From the red of the morning sky to the deep darkness of sad nights I love you.

Who directs my dreams to your face every night?
Who melds every thought I have into a thought of you?
Why are they so cruel as to lead me to you, but not you to me?

The whole of my love torrents onto me at times.
At times, when I am quiet, I can hear its waves crashing above me.
Oh if I could swim to your shore and cling to your beaches,
I would lay silent, if you asked me to, just taking in the beauty of your presence.

When I speak to you my words are like steam.
They capture my heart as a net captures water.
I so wish to pour my heart’s ocean onto you,
But I still wait to hear even a trickle in your voice.

If my words contain any water
That quenches some dry part of your soul,
Then lead me onto your path where I will serve you.

Oh you, with your skin like silk and eyes like water,
Let me pour myself out to you.
Let me warm your hands with mine,
Let me strum beautiful chords on your heartstrings,
Let my heart finally sing its silent symphony to you.

But as for now, I walk alone.

Michael Jordan is a music student at the University of North Texas and writes in his spare time. He blogs (irregularly) at http://www.mikeyj.net Listen for his upcoming CD release in 2007!

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