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New Playstation 2 Games - Downloads PS2 Games Online

In this article I will be talking about how to download playstation games from the internet and burning them on to CD to play on you console. Downloading PS2 games on the internet is definitely the simplest and cheapest way to get new PS2 games. Its saves walking down to your local games shop in the pouring rain only to find the one youíre looking for has sold out! But is downloading them easy? And is it legal? Downloading torrents and games over Person to person (P2P) networks is the most obvious way to go about it. But itís usually illegal and sometimes very, very complicated. So is there a simpler way?

Some of the sites have you pay a subscription fee to either download Playstation games directly from them (their servers) or download games from their P2P network - off of other users on the network. The only trouble is if the other user logs off your game will stop downloading. But there are websites where you can pay a small one time fee and have access to there site for life. Are these services up to date though? Some of them probably arenít. But if you do your research before you buy you can find some great sites, loaded with great games.

So are some of the sites better than others? Yes, there are many of them out there, but as most things online you have to be careful of the scams. Doing your research into the site first is obviously the best thing to do but always be careful when parting with your cash. Some sites could be out of date and only offer a small selection of games. There are sites that also have games on other platforms (Xbox, Nintendo) along with film and music downloads.

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