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Cable TV Company - Top 8 Cable TV Providers in USA

Companies in the U.S.A. in Cable and Satellite TV Services

Cable TV Companies in U.S.A.

1. Adelphia Communications

This Cable tv Company in the states provides cable television to over 5 million people in 30 states including Puerto Rico. It is the fifth largest cable TV company in the USA. Adelphia also provides internet services in the same states in the USA. You can search Adelphia Communications in google to find their site and get more information on their services and costs.

2. Bright House Metworks

Bright cable metworks company provides both cable TV and internet to over 2 million clients in the United states. They have a strong presence in Florida. Bright House Metworks also reaches into the great lakes region and as far West as California.

3. Cable Vision

Cable vision company provides cable television, phone service and the internet services mainly in the New York metropol areas including Manhattan. The Cable vision cable TV company has a subscriber base of over 3 million through out the New York cable TV and Internet market.

4. Charter Communications

Charter communications cable company is predominantly a mid west and Ohio Valley affair. The charter communications cable company provides cable TV services, the interhet and phone services in these areas. They have a subscriber base of over 6 million people.

5. Comcast cable TV company

Comcast has led the cable services market for over 5 years now. It is the single largest cable TV provider in the United states, providing cable TV to over 20 million people in many states. Comcast cable provides cable TV, internet and Phone services across the states in USA. They seem to have a very good service record which explains the vast subscriber base.

6. Mediacom Communications

Mediacom provides cable services to over 2 million clients in the united states. Mediacom is spread out into 23 different states within USA with a bias on small towns and cities. Mediacom is the eighth largest cable TV and internet provider in the states.

7. Cox Communications Company

Cox cable company provides internet to over 6 million clients in the united states. They are mainly focused on the coastal areas of the southern states bordering south America and the Southern East and West coast areas. Cox Communications provide cable TV, internet connectivity and Phone services.

8. Time Warner Cable

Time warner cable tv company provides cable internet and phone services to over 10 million subscribers spread out in 27 different states in USA. Time Warner is one of the big cable tv companies in america nad commands quite a large percentage of the cable TV market.

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