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Be, Do, Have

The order of goal attainment is be, do, then have. Let's see what this means. First of all, to have something, you must do something. That's quite obvious. However many people forget to be something, and so lose motivation, get sidetracked, and basically don't reach their goal. So you must be something before anything else. How do you be something? You must convince yourself that you have already attained your goal. Go through life as if you have all you wished for. It will become a self fulfilling prophecy.

By being something you open up opportunities for growth. Robert Kiyosaki, author of bestseller 'Rich Dad, Poor Dad', says that you must have the right context before you can find great financial opportunities. You must think that it is possible before it can happen. He likens this to a jar of water. If you are narrow minded, then your jar is tiny. Even if the great seas of the world and the mighty torrents of ancient waterfalls are poured over your jar, you will only be able to contain a small amount of water, the rest falling beyond your grasp. If you believe that your goal is possible no matter how crazy it might be, then your jar is big. Essentially, you have opened up the window of opportunity.

My message: Don't forget to be.


This is an excerpt from Kit's blog, 'Only One Life To Live'. To read more on how to live your life to the max, go to his blog at:


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