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So you finally have that Zune Music player you've been dreaming about for the longest time. You're totally looking forward to boredom-free bus and train rides and stupor-free idle moments in doctors' and dentists' waiting rooms as you enjoy the thumpa-thumpa of your favorite tunes. Well, before you get too excited, is it already loaded with your tunes? Probably not.

Finding Music for Your Zune

Zune Music is easy enough to get - if you know how and where to get it. With the right software, you can download music to your heart's content or convert all your CDs so you can listen to them anytime you feel like it. Zune Empire has just the software, developed with you, the consummate music lover, in mind. There are over twelve million - and counting - music files available just waiting for you to download from just about any genre you can think of. Country, rock, indie, hip-hop, classical - the list goes on and on. High quality software facilitates your music downloads. As a result, you know you're getting high quality, not to mention legal, Zune music files are not the corrupted, spyware-laden variety you get from most file sharing and torrent platforms. And when you've built up an arsenal (or at least, a playlist) of your favorite music, the software has the capability of burning the files into a CD or DVD, so you're backed up no matter what. And, just in case you didn't already know, you can do the same for movies too.

Let It Rip From Your CD Collection

It's not just about downloads either. If you want to use the tracks from your CD collection to fill up your Zune's 80GB capacity, by all means do so. This software allows you to rip CD tracks and convert it to the player's required format. You'll be bobbing your head and tapping your feet to the beat of free Zune music before you know it. And once again, you can do the same for movies. It's just a matter of ripping your favorite DVD and converting the DVD movie format into Zune's preferred format. You don't need to worry about compromising high definition video or high quality sound because the software maintains all these.

Plug It In - or Not!

As soon as you've got your Zune music and movies, you can now put them where you want them - your Zune player. Simply plug in your Zune with a USB cable and the software automatically synchronizes the music and movie files available into the player. As you probably already know, Zune has - brace yourself - Wifi capability. You can also synchronize your files this way. A wireless sync gives you music and movies with no muss, no fuss, and no messy cables. Indeed, whether you use your media player to stave off boredom or a higher purpose yet unknown to the general populace, you can maximize your Zune music experience with the right software. The beat goes on and on and the thumpa-thumpa never dies with a Zune player, so say goodbye to boring, umm, boredom and let time gloriously pass you by.

If you're looking for Zune Music downloads or just the software to convert your CDs to a format compatible with your Zune Player, then head over to Zune Empire where you'll find both. They have the most up to date software and download sites available. With the right stuff you can put just about anything on your Zune.


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