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Did you know it's possible to download free Iphone games and movies? Most Iphone users are totally in love with their little wonder machine, but it seems that hardly any of them know how to get real value from their Iphone-why not learn today?!

Iphones and Ipods etc are very neat little toys to have, and the Iphone is particularly useful as it has most of the features of the other, but it can also make phone calls and surf the web. That's all well and good, but downloading stuff from Itunes gets old and expensive pretty soon. Check out these examples of practical alternatives:

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The most obvious way is the torrent sites. It seems like everyone has a friend who isn't bothered about breaking the law this way, and so has mountains of music, games and movies that they downloaded. The thing is, it's getting ever easier for the law to catch up with you for these illegal downloads. Is it really worth going to jail for a one dollar download? What's more, torrent or P2P sites are a hacker's playground. They really are a breeding ground for viruses and malware.

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The other popular way of downloading free Iphone games and movies is through the membership sites. Most people have no idea that sites like this exist. It basically works by you signing up for a membership with them, paying an agreed amount each month ($30-$40), and then you get access to their download catalog. It seems cool, but to be honest I never like to be part of something that I pay for regardless of whether I am using the service or not, and that's how it works with these guys.

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The scam sites. These really are not the best way to go. It's hard to spot these sites, but a good indicator is when you go to a site and find that there is advertising all over the site. There'll be all kinds of popups and things all trying to get your attention. Sites like this typically work by promising you the earth to get your attention, but then not really giving up anything once you get there. They get paid for the advertising, and that's why they really go out of their way to get you to see their pop ups etc. As I said, avoid these guys-not the ideal way to download free Iphone games and movies at all.

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Thankfully with all these sites giving you nothing but garbage, there is an honest way to get your downloads. They seem a lot like the membership sites at first, with one excellent difference-you only pay once. It's usually something like $35 or $40, and it's a one off payment. Once you pay, you are given lifetime access to their database, which usually holds millions and millions of downloads for you, whether you are looking for music, movies, games or whatever. These kind of sites are definitely recommended.

As you've seen, it's not as tricky to download free Iphone games and movies as you may think-the only tough part is finding somewhere trustworthy to download from. Hopefully this article has shown you what to look out for.

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