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The Cox-2 Prescription Painkillers Are Back?

This past week, the FDA held a meeting in order to decide what should be done about Merck’s Vioxx and Pfizer’s Bextra and Celebrex. The Food and Drug Administration originally intended to ban these pain medications. However, this was challenged by a series of obstacles.

The Cox-2 painkiller prescription medications are back due to popular demand! In spite of the life-threatening side-effects such as heart attacks, many patients feel that the medications have changed their lives for the good.

Many patients claim that drugs such as Vioxx have brought them from living in a wheelchair (practically paralyzed by chronic pain) to living something close to a normal life. These people have been counting down the number of pills (days) they have left until life as they know it is over; and some decided to stand up and make their point at the FDA meeting. One woman even stated that she’d sign any waivers or consent agreements she needed to in order to keep the life she has. No other known medications can help these people. Currently, without the Cox-2 drugs, a life of paralyzing pain is the only other option. For some patients, the benefits outweigh the risks by a longshot.

The FDA has decided against the ban on Cox-2 prescription medications, but has prohibited the advertising of these drugs directly to consumers. Direct-to-consumer (DTC) advertising consists of methods such as television and radio commercials, etc.

The reintroduction of Vioxx and acceptance of Celebrex/Bextra back into the health industry are both possibly great decisions. However, in order to make it work, a decent amount of reform is necessary to ensure patient safety and understanding. We’ll see what happens.

Although the Cox-2 drugs have been reintroduced or accepted into the market, we at Shoppe.MD will stand by our 2004 decision to discontinue the sale of prescriptions for Vioxx, Celebrex, and Bextra. Shoppe.MD online pharmacy does not plan on reintroducing these medications in the future. If you have a difficulty with pain, please talk to your doctor in person.

Ian Mason, owner of Shoppe.MD Online Pharmacy


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