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Free Wii Games - Are You Missing Out?

Free Wii games could be the one thing everyone has been waiting for. The Wii is outselling all the other next gen consoles by a huge margin, but some people are still not convinced of the machine's quality. Maybe free Wii Games will convince them otherwise?

The Wii is a revolutionary piece of hardware, and I think the next generation of Xbox and Playstation will probably have borrowed heavily from the novel controls and interaction methods. That being said, as revolutionary as the Wii may be, the expensive games are hardly at revolutionary prices. Check out our guide to free Wii Games and how to get them:

The first thing you need to get free Wii games is an internet connection. Without being connected to the net, getting free games for anything at all is nigh on impossible. A nice modern broadband connection is usually the best bet to help you get your downloads faster.

Next up is a computer with some free space. It will be necessary to download the free Wii games to the computer first of all, and they are pretty large, so make sure you have AT LEAST 5gb free for every game you want to download. Any less than this and you are going to run into problems with interrupted downloads etc.

The last thing you need is somewhere to download from. A few years ago, the world went absolutely crazy for downloads, and it seems like everyone was downloading everything from torrent sites, or P2P sites or whatever they are called these days. Although it may be tempting, these are really not the best sites to be downloading anything from, especially free Wii games. There are many reasons to leave sites like this well alone, not least of which is the whole virus issue. Anyone can upload anything to a site like that for you to download, so your downloads can be anything at all and full of all kinds of viruses and malware etc. P2P sites are a notorious hangout for hackers. The other main reason is the law. It's illegal to download from places like that, and more and more of them are monitored by the authorities. Big brother is watching you!

As a much safer and more legal alternative, these days you can find sites which have a far greater range than the torrent sites, but are also much much safer for you to use. These kinds of sites can be difficult to find but once you find them it's very worthwhile. Most of them offer unlimited downloads of your free Wii games, and not only are they unlimited but they are usually pretty hi-speed too. The only catch is that there is a one off fee to join a site like this, but it's generally somewhere between 40 and 50 dollars, which isn't so bad when you consider that it will get you free Wii games for life. What's more, they can usually provide the downloads in much better condition than the other sites, as that's where your money is spent.

You've seen that free Wii games can be a reality if you know where to look, so hopefully you'll put this knowledge to use. Check out the links below to see some of the best download sites.

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