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How to Play Party Poker for Mac / Macintosh OS, No Download

So you want to play Party Poker for Mac? Let's begin by looking at some of the easier ways to do so, and then moving to harder, more expensive methods thereafter. You will be playing PartyPoker for Mac before you know it.

1. Party Pokerís No Download Software Ė Beta Version

Party Poker has been listening to the cries of Mac poker players calling for Party Poker to become Mac compatible. PartyPoker has just released a beta version of their no download software which was secretly under development. Now Mac users can play at Party Poker using just their internet browser.

This is a currently beta version, so a lot of the common Party Poker features are missing and play money tables are the only ones available, as Party Poker wants to get all of the bugs out first. For those of you who may want to play at Party Poker for real money now, without waiting for the full version to be released, which may be a while, there are a couple other methods you can use.

2. Apple Boot Camp

Another new development, Apple Boot Camp allows Mac users with Intel-based machines to install Windows XP on their Macs. This is done by creating a separate partition on the Macís hard drive, which then has Windows XP installed upon it. Once this is done, you then get the choice of starting your Mac up in a Windows or a normal Mac environment. When you run Windows, you will be able to perform all the tasks that Windows is able to perform, including downloading and running the Party Poker software.

3. Using a PC emulator

Another way in which Mac users can play Party Poker for Mac is to use a PC emulator. PC emulators will create a Windows environment on your Mac which will run in a smaller window, allowing you to perform Mac or Windows tasks as you wish. Vitrual PC is the best PC emulator, and it has multiple versions, with prices ranging from $100 to $230. Once you have a PC emulator you can begin playing at Party Poker and other Windows only poker rooms.

The Mac Poker network of sites have been researching how to play poker for Mac since 2004. Having served over 100,000 readers with this valuable information, we know what you need. You can learn more about playing Party poker for Mac by going to Mac Party Poker, Party Poker for Mac, or Online Poker Mac, three of the best resources for Mac online poker players.


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