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Do you want to download PSP Games online but do not know where to go? There are nearly a hundred download sites for PSP games. Are they legal? Are they free?

Here are some things that you must remember before you even start trying to download a PSP game online.

PSP Firmware

Your PSP Software or Firmware must be at a certain level before it will be able to play downloaded games. If your PSP is not on version 1.50 of the PSP firmware you will not be able to do PSP Game Download.

To check your firmware level, go to your System Settings, and then go to system information. This will tell you what firmware your PSP is running. Most PSP's today ship with revisions above 2.00, for example mine shipped with 2.80.

If this is the case with yours you will need to downgrade or back rev the firmware to version 1.50.

Legal or Not?

You must be sure you are downloading from a reputable source. Sure you can probably hop on bit torrent download sites and download psp games, but they are sure to be either fakes or loaded with viruses and spyware which can damage your computer or your PSP or BOTH! Please BEWARE of any website that offers PSP Game downloads for free. I've yet to come across a site that gives away PSP games.

Many legit sites offer downloads for a membership fee, usually much cheaper than actually going to the store to get the games. This will allow you to download unlimited PSP games as well as mp3's and movies as an added bonus.

To find these legit sites check out my reviews of the TOP 4 PSP Game Download sites on the Web.

Ryan McMillan is an avid PSP Gamer. He has reviewed over 40 PSP game download sites and has brought the TOP 4 to you on his website - find it at


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