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How Do I Know If My PC Is Infected With Spyware?

Spyware in my PC? Well,

  • Do you download movies from torrents?
  • Download free wallpaper?
  • Download free software?
  • Visit adult sites?
  • Use P2P sites?
If you do any of the above, your PC may have been infected with spyware or viruses of some sort. Generally speaking if you are an active online surfer, the chances that your privacy is hack are high. In fact, there is no way you can avoid that unless you do not use the internet.

Well, the most dangerous threat the internet could impose to you is when spyware or adware hiding in your PC collecting your personal data and password to spread it across with advertisers. And all of a sudden you are getting emails about Viagra, Lottery winning notification, Free $$$ in your account from xxx casino, all crushing your mail box like thunderstorm. Where did they get your email address? You are being spied everytime you are online.

That is an example of what spyware could do to you. Other symptoms that your PC may be infected with spyware are when:

  • Your web browser takes you to another page than the address you key in
  • Your homepage been altered to another site
  • Annoying pop ups coming from nowhere when your are surfing
  • Your PC shut down and restarted suddenly
  • Your browser shows a 404 error page (this may not due to your internet connection, it could be spyware working behind the scene)
  • There is missing shortcut pop up everytime you start your computer
  • Or a pop up saying that a certain path is invalid
  • Or probably a pop up message telling you that there is an illegal action while starting your browser or other Microsoft application.
Some spyware removal tool will scan and quarantine the infected files from further damaging your PC. But I found them useless as the whole program that uses the file will not work anymore. And if that particular file being held (quarantined) by your spyware tool is a shared file of a few programs, then all those programs will not function properly.

If that happens to you, formatting and reinstalling the windows is the best option unless you have used a reliable spyware removal tools in the first place. Therefore, be extra careful to ensure that your PC is protected with a reliable spyware removal tool to allow a safer and stress free surfing experience.

Gary shares his personal spyware removal tool here that you can download free to protect you from all PC parasites. Experience the freedom to surf to any website without fear of Spyware, Adware and Viruses.


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