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What is the Best Free Spyware - Adware Software for Free Download?

What is the best free Spyware-Adware software for free download?

#1 There are many free Spyware-Adware programs on the Internet. To be worthwile there are 4 things they must allow. They must scan your hard drive and they must allow you to remove any problems free. Some only allow you to scan your hard drive and then pay to have problems removed.

#2 They must allow you to download free updates when available.

#3 They must warn you when a threat is attempting to download.

#4 They must be free no strings, no nagging you to upgrade.

Finding free programs with those attributes is not easy but they are out there. I found two that I am using together. One warns me when a threat is trying to download and the other one catches anything that gets by.

I have been using those two for 3 years and feel relatively safe. The problem is there are so many new threats being created by scam artists, spies and advertising firms, it is hard for any one data base to cover all of them. Spyware and adware, viruses, worms and Trojan horses keep getting more potent.

About a week ago I decided to use one of the pay programs that allows you to scan free and then upgrade if any threats are found. My two free programs reported no threats. The pay program found 27. 27 Adware programs. I think the best thing to do is use 2 or 3 free programs,then, once a month or so, do free scans with 2 or 3 pay to remove programs. If things are getting by your free program then you may want to bite the bullet and buy a $20,$30 or $40 program. Start with 2 or 3 good free programs.

If you have been surfing the web for two or three years and never ran a Spyware-Adware program you probably have over 100 Spyware-Adware programs gumming up your system. Good free Adware-Spyware removers will find and remove most of them.

One thing the free programs will not do is hide your IP address. "Surf Anonymously". By surfing Anonymously, it keeps your IP, or Internet address unlisted and hidden, so you can surf the Internet without being tracked. This keeps your online activities private so you can feel safe surfing the sites you want to surf! By surfing Anonymously you will not receive nearly as many spam emails from the sites you visit. Without surfing annonymously and using adware software every site you visit will be recorded and your Ip address will be sold to any one who wants it, leaving you open to problems. It is no ones business what sites you visit, what you search for or who you contact. If you decided to buy a Spyware program, it is a good idea to select one that has the surf annonymous feature.

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