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Free Ipod Downloads - This Will Surprise You

If you are here reading this then you are one of the millions that are looking for free ipod downloads. I think that we can all agree that trying to find our ipod music for free online has been a more than difficult task. The question still remains anything really free?

What are your options and alternatives to loading your ipod with the most music, videos, movies, and applications possible? The list is almost endless. What I have learned though is that most of the options are nothing more than well disguised scams. I'm sure that you have run into these sites in your quest to get ipod media. Sadly, you are not alone.

The ipod in and of itself is a major purchase for most families. What do you do when you take it out of the box and realize that you are going to spend hundreds of dollars to load it up with the latest music and movies that have been released? You do what everyone else go to and search for free ipod music, ipod music downloads, or maybe even free ipod movies. What you get next shouldnt be a surprise. The first result you will probably get is apples site. I'm not saying that they do not offer a great service...but, I personally feel like they have already dug into my pocket deep enough.

The only true form of free ipod downloads are extremely dangerous and illegal. I'm sure that you have run into "torrents" this is basically a fancy word for either virus infected trash...or hey music companies please sue me next for downloading your music illegally. These torrent files are notorious for being infected with just about any type of malicious code that can be found online. Once you download the file and try to open it there is often a message telling you to go to a website to get a password, code, or to download some type of "special software" that will allow you to open the file and transfer the music to your ipod. Guess what happens next? now have a virus on your computer but, even more frustrating is the fact that your pod is still empty.

You will also find sites that charge you a monthly fee. You are charged weather you choose to use their service or not. Basically, you are going to pay about $240.00 dollars or more which to me is completely unacceptable. You will also find the companies that want to charge you individually for every file that you download. If this is the route you decide to go I would highly suggest that you just go to They are EXPENSIVE but if you are going to pay that kind of loot you might as well use a reputable company.

The absolute best option is to join a community of other ipod users that are also in search of all of the media they can scarf up to load their new toy with as many ipod songs, ipod films, and ipod software possible. Often, these sites will charge a nominal ONE TIME fee for you to become a member. Once you join you will be able to get your hands on virtually anything that you would/could ever want for your ipod.

I have already mentioned that an ipod is an extremely large investment for many of us. This is especially true if you are like everyone else who is scraping and fighting for every dollar you have. At the end of the day totally free ipod downloads are not available however, there are sites that will allow you to download as many files you want for a couple of bucks.

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