Your Online Signature

A signature file is text that you add to the end of your e-mails, articles; sites, etc. to define yourself and your business. When you write your signature file, make sure it is three to five lines long and contains no more than 60 characters.

Place your signature file on your

Web site
E-mail messages
E-mail discussion lists
Discussion boards
Newsgroup postings

You can add your signature automatically to your outgoing messages. Check your e-mail program for instructions on how to do this. For example, if you are working with Outlook Express, follow these steps:

1. On the tools menu, click options, and then click the signatures tab.

2. Click new to create a signature, then enter the text in the edit signature box, or if you wrote your signature before, you don't have to them write again, just click file and find the text or html file you'd like to use.

3. Select the add signatures to all outgoing messages check box.

Your signature file should contain:

1. Your first line must be a description of your product, write briefly about the benefits, problems that your product solves, and include in the description your product name. It's good to use some advertising "magical" words, i.e. revealed, free, unique, excellent, etc.

2. Include a short description of your site. Put your Web address (the site you are selling your product from).

3. Be sure to include your name. You can also include a short biography of yourself. Be sure to add your e-mail address.

Here's a sample of a standard signature file:

By following the free steps in this site, you will be able to generate income easily in the time you can devote. Everyone can make money on the Internet, and a lot of people become rich from Internet-based businesses every year.

Sincerely, Jack [email protected]

Free sites you can use to make you signatures by generating a .gif image of the text you enter:


jack bwa
webmaster of


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