Your Nintendo Wii - How To Download Unlimited Nintendo Wii Games

Do you own a Nintendo Wii? Did you know that there are now sites on the Internet that allow you to download unlimited games for your Wii? That's right, you can stop paying retail price for games today! It's not only games either. Many of these sites have movies, music, T.V. shows and more! All of this at blazing fast download speeds.

As with anything, it's buyer beware. So I have taken the time to help compile somewhat of a buyers guide. The following is generally what I look forward in such a site.

First and foremost, I make sure the site is legit. Stay away from 'torrents' and similar sites. These sites have files which may contain loads of spyware and viruses. There is no sense risking your computer when there are many good sites out there.

Second, I look for a site with 24 technical support. This is always important, you never know when you'll need it. It also helps if the site offers some tutorials to get you started quickly. Need help finding something at 3:00 am? It's always good to know there is someone there to help. I know I have needed this on several occasions!

Third, absolutely no monthly fees. Just one payment and that is it, unlimited access. A lifetime membership. If the site is good it will only charge a small one time fee. You really can't beat that. Also make sure the site has media other then games, like movies and music. There are sites that offer this out there!

With new games averaging around $30-$50 these sites not only makes sense, but will also save you loads of money! For less then the price of one game at a store, you can have unlimited downloads for your Wii! Have fun, you know I will be!

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