Viral Marketing with Your Signature File

Computer viruses are usually a bad thing. They can compromise your security, delete necessary files, and give your PC trouble. Viruses reak havoc quickly often because they are forwarded via email and eventually reach thousands of computers.

But what if you could harness this contagiousness - in a good way?

You can! Add a signature file to your emails. A signature file is quick and easy to make, but the potential to reach many eyes is great.

How to set up a signature file:

I use Microsoft Outlook, but most email programs have a similar signature feature. Under the Tools menu, choose Options then Mail Format. At the bottom of the Mail Format menu, there 'Signature' button. When you click on the button, you are provided a text box to create your signature, then click on the 'New' button, and you will be guided to creating you signature file.

Keep your signature limited to only a couple of lines. Otherwise, it will scream advertisement and people will automatically ignore it. Remember, subtle is the key.

Start out with your name and website address, then add a tagline or your latest sale or giveaway. There must be a reason for the recipient to click through to learn more about your business.

Here's a sample:


Megan Corwin

Online Marketing Coach

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Have your signature file populated on every email you generate. You never know when someone will forward your email on to a friend or colleague, so make sure it is there.

Go ahead and spread your good germs!

About The Author

Megan Corwin has combined her marketing and web site development skills with her love of Internet surfing to become an online marketing coach. With over eight year’s experience developing software and marketing for a software company, she enjoys sharing her talents with small business professionals to help them enhance their online presence.

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