Using Google Groups for SEO

Google Groups is a free groups and mailing list service from Google that can help you garner information for SEO such as keywords and topics for articles or topics and chapter themes for eBooks. It is simply a way of searching for and bringing like-minded people together. So if you have a website that is selling gardening tools then joining and creating groups about gardening is a good idea on Google.

Using Google Groups, one can find groups related to the interests of your business and participate in threaded conversations. The idea is to link these to your site as they will be studded with the kind of keywords that search engine spiders love to index. You can also find groups of people who are just simply engaged in different hobbies and create a viral informational product to be distributed for free to them.

Anyone who creates viral informational products will immediately recognize the value of this tool and its potential to create polls and surveys. The results of these information gathering sessions can then be mined for organic keywords or the topics that are revealed can be used to structure the table of contents for a viral e-book.

Google groups can also help you find customers by creating your own group that is related to something that you sell. You can also create a sense of community by asking people who visit your site to join your group

Another way to increase your customer base using Google groups would be to ask people from other groups to join your groups using online invitations. However as is true with any mail-to-mail situation be careful not to spam.

Besides posting to the group through the Google Groups web interface, users also can post to a group by sending an e-mail to the group's e-mail address. You can also create your own group and access Usenet newsgroups dating back to 1981.

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