Ultimate Insider Secrets to Generate Free Traffic and Leads - Part3

Newsgroup & Forum Marketing

Newsgroups and Forums consist of groups of like-minded people who congregate via the Internet to share their common interests with others. They are an excellent medium for Internet Marketers who want to target a specific niche market as the better sites are archived with millions of easy-to-access newsgroup messages.

As with any other Internet communication device, there is a particular protocol that should be adhered to in order to obtain success with newsgroup/Forum marketing. Although this is a specialized and potentially lucrative field it does take some practice in order for you (and your product) to be recognized as expert in your field. Once you have achieved this milestone, it will be just a matter of time before potential clients approach you for advice or input, which of course will be a definite boost to your business success.

• Choose groups relative to your particular niche. Offer to assist others in achieving their goals via your product and/or service. Do not blatantly advertise here. Never utilize spam – this is the quickest way to lose your credibility with other users.

• Initially you should just be an observer on the various newsgroups and/or forums you have chosen. This will give you the opportunity to get an idea of the particular methods and procedures employed by other members. Ignore the most opinionated members – just as there are some people who dominate every conversation at any party, there are always one or two braggarts on any given newsgroup.

• Always try to answer any questions posed by other members. Don’t try to bluff your way through – if you don’t know, don’t say anything – but if you can help, do so. Before too long you will develop a reputation as a knowledgeable, professional businessperson – one who people feel safe approaching.

• Use a signature line so people will know who you are and what services you offer. An effective signature file should consist of the following:

- A direct link to the section of your website that contains the product or information people show an interest in. This will provide potential clients immediate access to your site and afford you the possibility of immediate response.

- Offer something free (e.g.: e-book, report, article) for visitors to your site.

- Encourage immediate action by clicking on your site or accessing your email. People tend to procrastinate so you should make your signature as appealing and enticing as possible.

- Above all practice the K.I.S.S. philosophy (Keep it short and simple). Too much information and people will write you off as a shyster – too little and you will be ignored. Vary your signature routine on each network board and keep track of the ones that garner the most traffic. Network message boards and forums can provide powerful tools to an ambitious Internet Marketer. People who frequent specific forums or boards do so because they already have an interest in a particular product or service. By focusing your marketing attempts in areas that are already receptive to your niche market product, half the battle has already been won. The people who contact you via this medium are often more than willing to share their information with others; so your networking has already begun.

Just bear in mind - the people who frequent these areas are not looking for the hard sell- they are looking for solutions to their problems; therefore your approach on newsgroups and forums should always be cordial and helpful.

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