The Weight Loss for Idiot Forum - Does it Work?

The Weight Loss for Idiot forum is gaining popularity among dieters and diet critics. You can go to the Weight Loss for Idiot forum to gain some insight, facts, tips, and other information so you can lose weight. Aside from that, you are provided with their methods for losing weight. All you need to do is join them so you can become a “certified idiot”.

Who started it?

The Weight Loss for Idiot forum is from a firm called “Internet Made Simple”. They are dedicated to turn the online weight loss experience simpler with a user-friendly interface. Therefore, their website is dedicated to showing dieters with friendly and new methods to go on a diet, which allows them to lose weight quicker compared to other methods.

The claims

When you visit the Weight Loss for Idiot forum, you may come across the promise that you can lose 9 pounds every 11 days. Furthermore, their website also provides some of their own facts about weight loss like the following:

• Low-carb diets do not work
• Low-calorie diets do not work
• Low-fat diets are ineffective

No starvation and restriction

The Weight Loss for Idiot forum was made to provide people easier ways to learn about the latest information about weight loss and dieting and how they can succeed. The entire website is focused on providing you with a diet that does not involve starvation and is not focused on restricting carbs and calories.


Joining the community in their website provides you with an online environment that is user-friendly. You can easily understand the content since it provides information and other necessary explanations in simple language. Furthermore, they have an online meal planner to help you plan your meals.


The diet is not free. However, payment has a one off charge so you can gain complete access to all the exclusive information and methods in the website. Furthermore, you are going to be provided with free support. Costs may range from $30 to $40 but you can get discounts.

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