Psp Flash Game Hunting - Three Good Tips

The Sony Play Station Portable (PSP) was the best handheld game console in the market when it was released years ago, and it still reigns as the best. Not only can you play games, you can also watch videos, listen to music, and with homebrew programs, you can extend the PSP's functions to PDF reader and PDA. How amazing is that? But the primary concern of the avid gamer is to download more games, like PSP flash games, among others. This guide notes some pointers your can follow when downloading PSP flash games.

PSP flash game tip one: check the PSP firmware

Your PSP's firmware is the main operating system that controls the software and all the hardware works of your PSP. Make sure you downgrade your current PSP firmware to earlier versions, most recommended is firmware 1.50. There are also other versions like 1.00. The older firmware's incompatibility with PSP flash games is usually the cause of installation problems. Go to the PSP system setting menu, then system information, then options system software to check the firmware version you have. The newer firmware remains unstable and might cause problems. Best to be sure.

PSP flash game tip two: find PSP flash game download sites

There are so many download sites for PSP stuff out there. Just find the ones that offer the best deal, and these include fast download speed, wide assortment of games, no spyware and adware smuggled during download, and just a one-time joining fee with no hidden charges or no charges at all (as with torrent sites). If you are confused, just go to a site that offers access only after you join, but only pay for a one-time joining fee. No more. Anything else is abuse. The torrent sites mentioned are completely free, but you need to (1) download and install a free BitTorrent client, and (2) find and rummage through a torrent website.

PSP flash game tip three: try out some emulators and 'other' flash games

There are a lot of PSP software available today it is dizzying. Some of these new software can allow you to run old PSP console games, including the flash ones, and those from Nintendo, SNES, and Game Boy. You might even want to try some amateur-made PSP flash games for variety. At some point, when you have downloaded a lot of games, you might want to try other things. Emulators and 'other' flash games are the non-traditional avenues of fun.

There. Three tips on getting PSP flash games.

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