Origin of SEO

We have been hearing a lot about SEO or the so called Search Engine Optimization. Have you ever thought were Search Engine Optimization started?

For the benefit of those people who are not yet familiar what Search Engine Optimization is, well hereís a description I got for you to give you few informationís regarding SEO. Search Engine Optimization is defined as a subset of the search engine marketing. It is a process of making improvements on the volume and quality of traffic to a website from search engines via natural search results.

The SEO can target searches like the contextual search and local search and the industry-specific vertical search engines. Search engine optimization helps the internet users and visitors understand how search algorithms work and what internet users can search for, help them visit sites which make it interesting for them. Some search engine optimization helps in the optimizing of the siteís coding, their presentation and structures. It also fix problems that may keep search engine indexing programs from fully speeding a siteís also helps the content pages of the site to look more appealing to the users and visitors.

To make you more familiarize with the search engine optimization Iíll give you a brief history about the origin of the search engine and what is the relationship of Search Engines to Search Engine Optimization.

Well to start of the origin of search engines, in the mid 1990ís Webmasters and the content providers started optimizing their sites for the search engines. Before the responsibilities of webmasters is to submit a page or URI to other different engines which would send a spider to look a certain page, extract the links from the other pages and get the informationís found on the page to be ready for indexed. What the spider does is simply download a page where certain informationís will be stored on their own server where an indexer, known as second program extracts the information gathered.

Time came that site owners are starting to recognize the importance of their site to be rank highly and visible in search engines. On the year of 1996 emails regarding SEO services were sent as spam which was posted at the Usenet.

Because of too much reliance on factors that are exclusively within the control of the webmasters early search engines started to suffer from manipulation of abuse ranking. Because of this site owners thought that they should think ways on how to provide better results to their users... Because of the high value and targeting of search results, a big potential for an adversial relationship between search engines and SEOs.

Then time came search engines also began reaching out to the SEO industry and are regular guests to the SEOs conferences, seminars and trainings. Then the rest was history.

Then in the year 2005 AirWeb, an annual conference was created to discuss certain issues about the damaging effects of web content providers who are known to be very aggressive. Because of these site owners and SEOs simply thought of ways or different techniques to improve their site for the users through the help they will get the domains which are banned from search engines.

SEO has the goal to give better results and reliable accurate informationís to their online users and visitor.

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