Motor OMC Outboards


These outboards are water vehicle and are available in two stroke and four-stroke category. The propeller system provided with these motor omc outboards is designed to give you that the best performance for all the applications. For a special application, you may select a specific propeller.

Horsepower requirement of Motor OMC Outboards:

By US law (US coast guard regulation) a boat up to 20 feet in length should carry a plate mentioning the maximum horsepower rating of the vehicle. These motor OMC out boards are available in different horsepower ratings. Outboards are available in two stroke and four stroke engines. Depending upon the engine rating, the other specifications including horsepower of the vehicle are provided in the brochure. Most of outboards manufacturers power rate the engine in accordance with the NMMA procedure using international council on marine industry associates (ICOMIA) standards 28/83.

Fuel and Lube requirements:

Fuel and lube is one of the primary requirements of motor OMC outboards and always-correct fuel should be used. Gasoline fuel comes with an octane rating, and a minimum of 87 octane rating unleaded gasoline should be preferred if fuel specification is not provided with the operational manual. Fuel rating requirements also sometimes depends on the power rating of these outboards.

Safety Standards:

Safety is one of the biggest aspects of these Motor OMC outboards. Although every motor OMC outboard manufacturers give the utmost priority to the safety, a few backfire problems has been reported and these backfires increases the risk of damaging engine collector assembly. In case if a break in collector assembly happens, it may cause serious injuries to the persons. For avoiding these backfires, a proper voltage electronic and adequate better battery cables should be maintained.

Proper maintenance of Motor OMC Outboards:

Maintenance schedule should be followed at regular interval as provided in manual. The recommended grade of lubricants should be used always and in no case the used lube oil should be drained in water or earth.

Regular check up of Motor OMC outboards should be carried out to see

1.The adequate electric wiring is maintained.

2.The water level in battery or efficiency of battery is maintained.

3.He carburetor is clean and fuel pump is operating properly.

4.Proper quality of fuel is being used.

5.Lubricant level and lubricant quality is maintained and lubricants are replaced as and when required.

6.Engine tuning is proper and maintained.

7.Gears are in good operating conditions.

8.Brakes are in good operating conditions.

Replacements of parts with genuine parts:

Every motor OMC outboard manufacturers provide a detailed list of accessories with the vehicle manual. For getting highest benefit of these motor OMC outboards, the outboards should be maintained in good conditions by carrying maintenance job at regular interval and replacing the defected parts by original genuine parts supplied by the manufacturer. To ensure the maximum benefit of these motor OMC outboards the practice should be continued.

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