List Building - Finding the Right Audience

When we're immersed in a project, we spend tons of time on just the right list building page. Then, we're testing the headline, making sure the autoresponder is running, and on and on. But there's something that's often forgotten.

The people who might visit your site.

Who are they anyway?

List building for a specific audience--people interested in your niche--is very important, even more important then all the testing and tracking, no doubt.

So, how do you find the finest list building audience? Easy. Do some research. Where do people who list to quilt, for instance, hang out?

What about one of the old back bones of the Internet--Usenet. You can go to Google Groups at, and find a ton of groups that discuss quilting. It seems that the best of them is rec.crafts.textiles.quilting. Go hang out there. You can do it right through Google or use a stand-alone newsreader or even Outlook Express to access these. Usenet Groups are a lot like bulletin boards.

Become a member of these groups. Then, after observing the atmosphere and reading the groups FAQs, make some interesting posts--not about your newsletter or whatever you're building your list about, but join in the discussions. Use the URL to your list building page in your signature file at the end of your post.

Or, what about blogs? Though Google isn't putting much stock in one-way links you get from posting to them anymore, you can still do some list building through them. Again, it' s important to make a post relating to the discussion in the blog, and then, only to use your URL in your signature line. You can find blogs with the theme of quilting at

Places where people shop, like You can write reviews of books on quilting or rate products and use the URL to your list building page.

Something you need to be when you're list building is creative and innovative. Find the people who want your information and ask them to sign up for your newsletter, ezine, or other list, and they'll be your perfect customers. If you don't do things this way--target your audience, your list building efforts will be down the drain. List building, using the proper methods, can make you unbelievably rich.

Tellman Knudson is CEO of OvercomeEverything, Inc. Learn how to build a powerful and responsive list quickly through his premiere list-building course,


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