How To Download A New Playstation 2 Game

Do you want a new playstation 2 game? Buying Games from your local shop can be expensive and a lot of the time new games can be sold out. Is there a way to download a brand new playstation 2 game off the net? And is it legal? You can of course download torrents but this is illegal and can result in you getting caught. So whats the alternative?

There are sites where you pay a monthly fee and join a P2P (person to person) network. You can then download new playstation 2 games from other people on the network. But when that person signs out your game stops downloading. Not Good! But there are sites where you pay a small one time fee and get access to there database of games forever.

Is it ethical? Most of the time the sites will pay royalties for the games your downloading and still have cheap downloads because you are the burning them onto CD or DVD yourself. PS2 (playstation 2) games are the easiest to get hold of and download as the games are a lot easier to download and burn.

So which is the best to use? Some sites are better than others and keep there database of games up to date whenever new games come out. Where as some sites will take your fee off you only for you to find that the games on the site are years old. Have a good look at the site before parting with your money. You'll see which ones are legit.

There are sites that also have games on other platforms (Xbox, Nintendo) along with movie and song downloads available as well as brand new playstation 2 games.

For more information & reviews of some of the best sites to use when downloading new playstation 2 games go to


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