Free Movie Report: The Dangers in Sharing Movie Files

Peer to peer file sharing networks make up the huge majority of exchanges between internet users seeking movie, music, game and software downloads, but there are inherent risks when using specific internet protocols. Your computer is always vulnerable to frauds, viruses, adware, and spyware, but even more so while participating in open exchanges.

You may have heard and used a bit torrent site where files of movies (or other) are tagged with a torrent description that connects to a tracker which in turn lets you know where you can find a particular title. The problem here is that a fileís name doesnít always reflect the actual file. You could be trying to download the original version of Casino Royale, only to find later that you have downloaded Paris Hiltonís latest music video. (I assume you didnít want that!)

Worse yet you could be actually downloading a virus meant to infect your computer once you open the file. Yes, there are evil internet hackers who can supplant this program in an otherwise harmless looking file.

What is more inconspicuous but a lot more common, is having your computer infiltrated with adware and spyware. You may not even know it because this kind of program works in the background of your operating system tracking specific items like website visits and advertisement clicking, but can be much more serious as they are capable of collecting password and credit card inputs leading to more vicious intent.

The above are some of the reason why I recommend using a 3rd party program that guarantees not to install such programs on your computer while you enjoy the benefits of peer to peer file sharing. There are several reputable software programs that actually have support staff and updates on a regular basis. This is how you should be downloading, so that you donít have other worries, like blue-screen, or infecting yours and your friendsí computers with a nasty file. has a free video on which programs are safe to use for movie file downloads. Martin Portuso writes articles and reports for internet websites.


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