First Napster, and Now BitTorrent?

Napster one of the very first technologies that was used to promote file sharing and illegal downloading of music ended up being closed down. Then multiple forms of file sharing were popularized, none of them quite as popular as Napster.

One of the new technologies that was developed was BitTorrent. Its been a thorn in the side of the music and movie industries. Because there is no centralized company that runs BitTorrent, its been impossible for the powerful music and movie industry to close down.

How BitTorrent works is that the entire network of users are able to talk to each other, and download not from one central source, but instead from a group of other users. And in turn the user allows others to download from them while they are online. So, it allows a network of users to share amongst themselves.

The music and movie industry has tried unsuccessfully to shut the service down for years, with no success. So, it appears that now theyve instead decided to join forces with the enemy. Theyve created the BitTorrent Entertainment Network. The new network features a very comprehensive library of downloadable digital content from 20th Century Fox, Lions Gate, MTV Networks, Paramount Pictures, Warner Bros. Home Entertainment and BitTorrents newest partner, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios, Inc. (MGM).Its a step towards legitimizing what has previously been a very contentious service.

What remains to be seen is if BitTorrent users long accustomed to downloading music and movies for free will be willing to move towards a pay system for movies and TV Shows.

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