Download PSP Game Crush For Free

One of the all time highest ranked games for the PSP (Playstation Portable Game System) is "Crush." A very witty game where you take a 3D world a "crush" it into a 2D world through your challenges.

However, of couse if you want to buy the game you're looking at paying at least $30, if not more. Considering how many PSP games there are that you should have on your system, this can become very expensive!

Here is how you can download "Crush" for free:

Step 1: You need to make sure you have a good memory card for your PSP with enough space. If you have a new one, it'll be fine, only if you already have a lot of stuff on there - you need to make room for the game.

Step 2: Go online to utorrent and download the free software you can later use to search for the file.

Step 3: Now you need to go find a torrent file, search utorrent for "crush for psp."

Step 4: Download the torrent file and use the instructions with the torrent software to convert the file into a format you can use.

* This process can get a bit technical, if you need some help in getting all this done much easier, check out the resource box of this article.

Step 5: You will then transfer the game directly from your computer to the PSP system.

Step 6: Play the game!

You're now officially done downloading the game, you never paid a dime in the entire process and you have the entire game right on your PSP for free.

The best part is that if you need to free up space on your PSP harddrive, you can simply save the game on your computer and bring it to your PSP whenever you want!

If you're looking for a much easier way to download any PSP game, movie, music or software you want for free, all from one place.

I've reviewed the top 3 free psp download sites on the internet. These are the only 3 you should use, most of the other ones were not trustworthy.

For more information on how to download free games for your PSP system, visit:


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