Download Bittorrent Movies

Many people are turning towards p2p or peer to peer networks in sharing their files online. One of the more popular techniques is to download bittorrent movies which is another form of a peer to peer network. A peer to peer network is typically an application that runs on a users computer with an interface where someone is able to download and share various files online such as movies, music, live videos and much more. You can download bittorrent movies from many different websites but it's a little different than just downloading movies from any other application. However it seems that with bittorrent, you can find the best selection of files to download.

There are a few steps that you need to take to download bittorrent movies.

The first thing you need to do is simply download the application that will be the interface on your computer to share the files and ultimately download the movies, music, and other files that you want. You can simply go to various sites like to get the application for free.

Once you have the program downloaded on your computer, you will have to search for torrent files that the application will start downloading once you save or open the torrent from the site. For instance a good website where you can find torrent files is This site is just like a search engine as you can put in any movie or music title that you want to download and it will bring up various listings of all the sites that have that torrent for you to download.

After you save the torrent from the website, just double click on it and it will automatically bring up the bittorrent client and you will see the file start downloading in the interface. Many of the files can take several minutes or hours to complete depending on your Internet connection speed along with the size of the actual file.

That is the overall outline of how you can download bittorrent movies. Please be aware that you should learn the legal issues that come up for sharing files online using peer to peer networks and how you can stay legal doing it.

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