Complete Idiot Guide to Overcoming Procrastination

It has been said that procrastination is gotten from two Latin words "pro "meaning "forward, in favor of," and "crastinus" meaning "of tomorrow". Simply put, it connotes in favor of tomorrow. Putting forward in favor of tomorrow what can be done this minute. This dummy guide takes into consideration the grave effects that procrastination can cost us and brings to our understanding a complete idiot-proof way to overcoming procrastination. First, you'll need to understand that procrastination is just a habit. It is never a sort of disease or something. It is nothing but a developed or cultivated habit.

Habits are continuous practice of little bits of negative or positive actions until they become too strong to be broken. When it is negative, at this point, it becomes a disease. To get rid of procrastination, a retrace may not be altogether necessary, but an understanding that it can be broken. It is in the conscious that you will have to deliberately, voluntarily changing those self-defeating habits.

Now, I sound like its all something you wake up the next day and start changing just like that. My dear, it is not so, it takes time, takes investment and little commitment, consistency and constant deliberate efforts. At the single moment you realize that you are entirely responsible for its elimination, then we can safely say that the following ideas will make for a complete idiot guide to overcoming procrastination.

Note: since we are all peculiar, some of these tips will work better than others. Just pick yours and start off in your battle immediately!

Before bed in the night or very early in the morning, do everything you can to get a to-do-list

Prioritize your activities in order of relevance Do unpleasant tasks first and forget about them Get a realistic deadline for each job and outline the rewards/consequences of doing and not doing it respectively Just get started on any you feel like doing immediately. Once you propel yourself, you'll gather enough momentum to keep it up Change your mindset as regards a task.

Consider putting on a positive attitude always. Remember that most times you do not really have a choice. Just do it. Say to yourself – what I have to do, I have to do. Whatever it is. If you delay, it does not necessarily mean you would not do it, so why not do it with your mind crossed and get it over with.

If you are a perfectionist like I used to be, you’d have to understand that first, human nature is imperfect. I actually put off starting a web business two years ago because I wanted to get it right the first time. Now all around the web, I see my ideas littering without a dent of perfection. Folks, they are recking in millions yearly! And I am sited here, watching and waiting till I get it right the first time – who's loosing? I am the fool who's regretting all the way. Now I said to myself, the information you have is enough to get you started on something, just go ahead – you'll discover more as you progress.

That's how I got started. It was out of necessity anyway. I was hungry and needed to feed my stomach and there was no supports – so – just get started! Right Now! Check here for more on a complete idiot guide for overcoming procrastination –

Please start this minute. I am on my knees for you. I cannot wait for you to launch that million dollar idea for the benefit of mankind, to reconcile with that old friend, to save yourself ten more years if you quit smoking now, to look sexier if you fight obesity now, to check on your tooth with your doctor or whatever.

There are hundreds, thousands and even millions of excuses you may give to procrastinate on whatever task you have to do, well its definitely to your personal detriment, excuses will always be there. Get started now! And save your future, your spouse, your children, your job, your health, your life!

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