BitTorrent Client Review - uTorrent

uTorrent is by far the most popular BitTorrent client around today. It is known for being so lightweight, that many systems can run it without lag. This is why other clients such as BitTornado have decreased in popularity.

One of the big things with BitTorrent software today is getting the green light. What is the green light? Basically, it means your connection is working smoothly. However, when behind a router, the user usually needs to make a few technical changes to his router to get the green light. The software understands this, which is why the user is able to do things like change the port used for incoming connections and enable UPnP port mapping.

Also, the user has the option to add uTorrent to the Windows Firewall exceptions list. Aside from this, you can limit your upload/download speed, connect through a proxy server, and much more. Also, the software is completely free. For the newbie user unsure of the proper settings, one could simply choose their connection speed, and the software will do the rest.

There is no doubt that uTorrent will be the leader in clients for years to come. They even have expanded to other countries, supporting over 40 different languages. it's so user friendly that they even allow skins. If you don't like the current interface, download one of the dozens of skins created by other users. These, just like the client, are free.

At the moment, uTorrent is developing a "WebUI". This will allow the user to control their client from any place in the world connected to the internet. This has never been done by any other software creator, and is a perfect example of why uTorrent will be the most used client for years to come. The list of features is endless.

For example, you don't even need to download an installation kit. A simple download of the application allows for full usage. The executable file is less than 170 kilobytes in size. The dedicated community behind uTorrent also offers full support of the program via either IRC or forums. New releases can be found frequently, with the latest bug fixes and updates. They also support the protocol encryption joint specification which is compatible with Azureus and BitComet. Many users also claim that uTorrent downloads files the fastest of all the clients.

For those looking to switch to this great client, it is very easy. On their site, they have several guides on the various aspects of uTorrent. These guides include how to create your own torrent, connection setup guide, and even a beginner's guide to BitTorrent. uTorrent is easily the best client around. Whether you are a newbie or guru, this software is for you. It's long list of features, both large and small, make it the number one client out there.

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