7 Simple Ways That You Can Promote Your Website

Back to basics.

At times, website promotion can seem confusingly complicated. There seem to be so many, sure-fire new ways to get thousands of hits to your site. Whilst some of these methods work, most just waste your time.

So welcome back to the basics of website promotion - seven simple, effective, ways to promote your site. Learn about a new promotion strategy, or just remind yourself of an 'old favourite'.

1. Submit Your Site to Search Engines and Directories

Submit your site to all the major search engines and directories. Right now, that means getting a link from sites already listed at search engines Yahoo!, Google, and MSN. If you're going to submit to these search engines, then submit your site map. The search engines explain how.

As for submitting to directories, Yahoo! and the Open Directory Project (DMOZ) are important. You can also find other directories at Strongestlinks.com

2. Use a Signature File

A signature file (sigfile) is a block of text that can be added to the end of each e-mail message you send (or forum post you make). Write compelling copy and offer benefits for visiting your website in your sigfile. And set up your email client or forum profile such that each time you post (or email) a message the sigfile gets added automatically.

3. Post to a Newsgroup (or Forum) Discussion

Somewhere online there's a newsgroup or forum involved in discussions relevant to your site. You can find a great variety of newsgroups at Google Groups, which allows you to search all of the Usenet newsgroups for a particular term or phrase.

Post a message to a suitable newsgroup using Outlook Express (or other newsreader software), or via Google's newsgroup site, or via the forum itself. Do follow the newsgroup/forum guidelines - but it is usually okay to use a signature file with each of your posts.

4. Run an Affiliate Program

Affiliate programs are a win-win opportunity for you and your potential partners (affiliates or associates). Apart from the instant sales force you develop, which tries to generate leads or sales for your business, you can often create lots of links back to your site. And your affiliates gain from adding products or services to sell on their site.

5. Publish an E-Zine or Newsletter

An e-zine (or newsletter) allows you to stay in touch with your visitors. You can educate your visitors with how-to articles (and so build trust in your website and your business); you can let them know about new offers; or you can just inform them about site-improvements.

Readers of your newsletter can become regular visitors to your site, and good customers too. And running a newsletter can cost little or nothing.

6. Run a Competition

Competitions are a great way of promoting your website, and finding out more about your site's visitors in the process. Offer a prize related to your website, and get people to fill out an entry form (or even subscribe to your newsletter).

When it comes time to announce the winners, send an e-mail to everyone with the winners name, and add items of interest about your services and opportunities too.

Even better, there are sites that will actually promote your online competition, giving your site even more exposure.

7. Write a Press Release

Press releases (news releases) are one of the most effective ways of generating interest in your site. If written well, they can produce startling amounts of attention, which can usually be converted into visitors to your website.

There are sites that give advice on how to write a press release, and sites that will compose and distribute your press release for you too.


So there you are: seven simple ways that you can promote your website. All that's left to do now is to get out there and do some promotin'. (So, what are you waiting for!)

Website promotion.

Get the basics right.

Steve M Nash is owner of several sites including http://www.textmefree.com - a directory of free sms text messaging sites, and guide to bulk sms marketing. He promotes them all using the basic principles and tips detailed in his free website promotion guide, http://www.howipromotemywebsite.com

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